New Horror Film TALES OF POE Gets Wide Release for Halloween 2016

RJ is looking forward to the Halloween season 2016 Wild Eye Releasing premier of the new film, TALES OF POE, based on the timeless horror works of Edgar Allan Poe. Co-starring with and surrounded by some of Modern Horror's famed scream queens, Caroline Williams, Debbie Rochon, Adrienne King, Amy Steel, Desiree Gould, Lesleh, Donaldson and Alan Rowe Kelly, RJ gets to lay claim to the new title of "Scream King"!  



Check out the TALES OF POE poster. Three of Poe's most popular stories (The Tell Tale Heart, Cask of Amontillado & Dreams) receive unique retellings by directors Bart Mastronardi & Alan Rowe Kelly. A compelling and shocking journey into madness and the macabre, and featuring some of the most beloved final girls in horror movie history from series like Friday the 13th.